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The Sunday time: Effective business writing

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    Clear and distinctive written communications are essential if you wish to create a favourable impression, project personal and corporate personality and strike a distinctive note. Effective Business Writing will help you to formulate a systematic approach to writing that makes its easier and quicker to get the right words down, avoiding the dangers of bland and formulaic approaches.

    It is important to adopt the right style, create a clear and appropriate structure, and select the method - letter, fax or email - that suits your purpose. Effective Business Writing will teach you how to do this. It will also help you to understand how people make decisions so that you can use it to your advantage when writing to customers, putting together promotional text and using your message to prompt action. It covers the advantages and disadvantages of email and how to make it productive, as well as the approach you should take when writing longer documents such as reports and proposals.

    Every executive or manager who has to "put pen to paper" whether their communications are external or internal, and who wants to be understood and make their messages count will find Effective Business Writing indispensable.

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