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The Complete Guide To Metal Boats; Building, Maintenance And Repair

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There are plenty of advantages to owning a metal boat over one made from other materials. Metal boats are more durable and able to withstand hazards like rocks, ice, and coral. An aluminum boat is lighter than its wood or fiberglass counterpart, making them faster and more fuel-efficient. And they’re easier to repair and clean.

In fact, just about the only drawback to metal boats is that they aren’t mass-produced, meaning that the only way to get a new one is to either shell out big bucks to have one custom-made or build your own. Just the thought of trying to build a boat could potentially be enough to discourage a potential skipper… until now.

Author Bruce Roberts-Goodson draws on more than three decades of experience designing and building metal boats to bring you this user-friendly guide to constructing your very own watercraft from the initial concept to the very first launch. You’ll discover:

How to build or refurbish all parts of your boat – from the hull, to the deck, and everything in between
How to maintain your metal boat
How to work from plans or precut kits
Sample designs for powerboats and sailboats

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