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Textbook on First Aid and Emergency Nursing

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    This book is prepared in such a way it has adequatepictures,diagrams wherever needed, and contents are illustrated insimpleenglish, which is not only for nursing personnel but alsoanyhealth personnel learning emergency management and first aidcanuse this book. As a nurse educator, i have prepared thisbookthoroughly since emergencies, first aid measures and managementarenot only needed in first year of nursing but also in allthenursing subjects in all the four years. Wherever emergenciesaredepicted, this book helps to fulfill the criteria. This bookishelpful for all nursing courses like, auxiliary nursemidwife(anm), general nursing and midwifery (gnm), basic bscnursing,post-basic bsc nursing, certificate and postgraduate inemergencynursing students. This book is depicted in such a way thatall thestudents will learn basics of first aid and emergencynursing. This book has 32 chapters; it covers all the specialties,allareas of nursing such as adult health, pediatric,community,reproductive

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