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Textbook of Community Health Nursing

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    Covers complete syllabus of Community Health Nursing prescribed by Indian Nursing Council and Health University for undergraduate students. Comprehensive coverage of current and relevant issues in public health. Contains numerous diagrams in every chapter for the easy understanding of points explained therein. Provides better understanding of health promotion, e f f e c t i v e p r e v e n t i o n , a n d c o m m u n i t y empowerment.
    Table of Contents:

    1. Concepts of Health and Community
    2. Concept of Community Health and Community Health Nursing
    3. Community Health Nursing Approaches
    4. Maintenance of Health
    5. Health Promotion and Levels of Prevention
    6. Environmental Health
    7. Waste Management
    8. Food Hygiene
    9. Family as a Basic Unit of Health Services in the Community
    10. Home Visit
    11. Health Planning
    12. Health Care Delivery System in India
    13. National Health Programs
    14. Public Health Administration in India
    15. Health Education
    16. International Health Agencies
    17. Demography and Family Welfare
    18. Community Research
    19. Role of a Community Health Nurse in Special Health Services
    20. Role of a Nurse in Sensitizing and Handling the Social Issues

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