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Textbook of Analytical Geometry

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    The book is intended to serve as a textbook for a course on analytical geometry of two dimensions and three dimensions, for the undergraduate students at various universities. In addition to these, this book will be of much help to the students at the Senior Secondary School level, particularly, those who are above average.

    The book has been presented in two parts — Part A on Two dimensions and Part B on Three Dimensions. Part A starts with the introduction to coordinates of a point in a plane, distance formula, area of a triangle, polar coordinates, locus and followed by the study of pair of lines, circle, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola, tracing of conics and polar equations of conics in two dimensional space, while in Part B, topics like planes and straight lines in the three dimensional space, sphere, cone, cylinder, central conicoids and paraboloids have been discussed. An appendix on oblique axis in Part A and two appendices relating to general equations of second degree and change of axis in three dimensional spaces have been presented. The salient features of the book are:

    Presentation of the subject in a natural way.
    Description of the concepts with justification.
    Grading of exercises.
    Exercises (solved and unsolved) after each section and a miscellaneous set of exercises at the end of each chapter.
    Notes and remarks at proper places.

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