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Standard Hand Book of Civil Engineering

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    In the book, author has made every effort to incorporate all the relevant I.S.I. Publications, C.B.R.I. Publications, various P.W.D. Hand Books, Bridge Codes, Building Bye-Laws, National Building Codes, 1970, I.R.C. Recommendations and Railway Board s dimensional Schedule for various railways. This book is completely in M.K.S. and S.I. Units.CONTENTSQuantities, Units and Conversion Factors * Mathematics * Building Material * Timber and Allied Products* Metallurgy * Loads on Building * Code of Building Bye-Laws * Important Elements of Building * MasonryStructures * Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering * Wire Ropes H Structural Tables and Dimensions * Mechanics of Structures * Steel Structures * Roofs * Ventilation and Air-Conditioning of Building * Building Miscellaneous * Plain Cement Concrete * Reinforced Cement Concrete * Hydraulics * Irrigation Engineering * Water Supply Engineering * Sanitary Engineering * Roads and Highway Engineering * Railways H Bridges and Culverts * Measurements, Evaluation and Estimating * Earth-quake Engineering * Plastic Theory of Ultimate Load Design * Pre-Stressed Concrete * Surveying * S.I. Units

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