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    About the Book: Rise of the Modern West This book deals with European History from the decline of feudalism in the late Middle Ages (around the 15th century) to the beginning of industrial capitalism(towards the end of the 18th century). The transition from Medievel to modern times was a historic Content 1. Feudalism 2. Europe in 1500 3. Renaissance 4. Early Colonial Empires-Portugal and Spain 5. Absolutism 6. Western Europe in the 16th century 7. Reformation 8. Western Europe in the 17th century 9. the English Civil War and the Economic Developments in England 10. The Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th Centuries 11. Mercantilism 12. Enlightened Despotism 13. Economy and Society : The Netherlands , France and England in the 18th Century 14. Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism 15. Varieties of History 16. Glossary 17. General References 18. Important European Rulers Since 1500 19. Chronology of Events in European History About the Author: Meenaxi Phukan Meenaxi (Rastogi) Phukan, a postgraduate in Modern Composite history from Lucknow University , is a reader in the Department of History, Lakshmibai College, university of Delhi. She has vast experience in teaching European History

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