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Review of Microbiology and Immunology

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    Salient features chapter review: gives a preliminary overall idea about a chapter can be finished fast mcqs with detailed explanations: gone to the depth covering all the important aspects in detail separate section of recent 2014 entrance examination questions separate section for image based mcqstable of contents: section 1 general microbiology chapter 1.1 history, morphology, growth & nutrition of bacteria chapter 1.2 sterilization and disinfection, hospital waste management, bacteriology of water, milk and air chapter 1.3 culture media and culture methods chapter 1.4 bacterial genetics section 2 immunology chapter 2.1 infection and immunity chapter 2.2 antigen, antibody and antigen antibody reaction, complement chapter 2.3 structure of immune system and immune response chapter 2.4 hypersensitivity reaction chapter 2.5 national immunization schedule, autoimmunity, transplant & cancer immunology and immunodeficiency disorder section 3 systemic bacteriology chapter 3.1 staphylococcus

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