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Reliability Maintenance and Safety Engineering

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    The book deals with twin fields of Reliability, Maintenance and Safety Engineering , highlighting an integrated approach for achieving optimum product reliability and managing physical assets, through effective maintenance and safety. This book illustrates how the implementation of a combination of engineering and management concepts is of paramount importance. All areas in the field of corporate activity, valid for both the large and small enterprises, which influence the ultimate reliability of the product, are covered. The author's approach is simple and direct, with emphasis on practical applications of the life-cycle management of plant/equipment/products. This book consists of sixteen well-written chapters which encompass almost all the topics of reliability engineering, maintenance management, and terotechnology. Various aspects of safety of plant/equipment/products are included in a separate chapter. A large number of solved examples have been provided in each chapter to amplify the practical applications of the topics covered. Questions for self-assessment, listed at the end of each chapter, are designed to test comprehension. The book caters to the needs of students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in engineering, other professional examinations, and maintenance and safety personnel in industries. The book is equally of immense value to managers and professionals in their diversified disciplines in the corporate sector. About The Author: is Director (Education, Examinations and Accreditation) at The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata. Apart from teaching experience, the author is well versed in fields of curriculum development, preparation of study material for engineering students, and conducting professional engineering examinations. Dr. Gupta has several published research papers in reputed national and international journals to his c

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