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Projects Planning Analysis Selection Financing Ingredient

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    Projects presents the entire gamut of capital budgeting. The book discusses key principles and techniques for evaluating capital expenditure proposals, as well as strategic, qualitative and organizational considerations impacting capital budgeting decisions. Further, it suggests ways of improving project appraisal and capital budgeting practices and also describes and evaluates business practices in various areas. Written by a renowned finance educator Prasanna Chandra, the book in its eighth edition, has acquired vast readership among students and practitioners over a period of almost three and a half decades.

    Key Features:

    Substantial revision of several chapters
    Two new sections: 'Measures of Savings in Infrastructure Costs' and 'Analysis of Project Risk'
    Six new appendixes: 'Detailed Project Report', 'The Case for Behavioral Strategy', 'Vegetron Simulation', 'Types of Charges Created on Assets for Securing Advances', 'Due Diligence' and 'Environmental Appraisal of Projects'
    New minicases on 'Investment Criteria' and 'Infrastructure Financing '
    Number of boxes containing valuable perspectives and practical insights
    Updated and expanded ancillary web material for students and instructors
    Table of Contents:

    Part I: Planning

    Strategy and Resource Allocation
    Generation and Screening of Project Ideas
    Part II: Analysis

    Market and Demand Analysis
    Technical Analysis
    Financial Estimates and Projections
    Part III: Selection I

    The Time Value of Money
    Investment Criteria
    Project Cash Flows
    The Cost of Capital
    Project Risk Analysis
    Part IV: Selection II

    Project Rate of Return
    Special Decisions Situations
    Social Cost Benefit Analysis
    Multiple Projects and Constraints
    Valuation of Real Options
    Judgmental, Behavioral, Strategic and Organizational Considerations
    Part V: Financing

    Financing of Projects
    Financing Infrastructure Projects
    Venture Capital and Private Equity
    Part VI: Implementation

    Project Management
    Network Techniques for Project Management
    Part VII: Review

    Project Review and Administrative Aspects
    Appendix A: Tables
    Appendix B: Assessing the Tax Burden
    Appendix C: Environmental Impact Assessment
    Appendix D: Detailed Project Report

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