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Principle of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

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    Principles of Electrical Engineering and Electronics” is a comprehensive book for undergraduate engineering course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. For more than 20 years, the book successfully continues to cover the fundamental theory of Electrical Engineering explaining about electricity, D.C. Circuits, Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction before moving on to applications such as D.C. Generators and Motors among other important concepts.

    Key Features:

    Conceptual understanding is given preference with theories being explained in clear and concise points.
    1800+ figures and examples provide comprehensive support to all concepts explained.
    More than 1000 in-text tutorial problems and chapter-end MCQs provide apt practice to all concepts explained.
    Table of Content :

    Fundamentals of Current Electricity
    D.C. Circuits
    D.C. Network Theorems
    Units—Work, Power and Energy
    Magnetism and Electromagnetism
    Magnetic Circuits
    Electromagnetic Induction
    D.C. Generators
    D.C. Motors
    Chemical Effects of Electric Current
    A.C. Fundamentals
    Series A.C. Circuits
    Phasor Algebra
    Parallel A.C. Circuits
    Three-Phase Circuits
    Three-Phase Induction Motors
    Single-Phase Motors
    Synchronous Generators (Alternators)
    Synchronous Motors
    Electrical Instruments and Electrical Measurements
    Atomic Structure
    Semiconductor Physics
    Semiconductor Diode
    Bipolar Junction Transistors
    Transistor Amplifiers
    Sinusoidal Oscillators
    Field Effect Transistors
    Power Electronics

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