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Principle and Practice of Nursing

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    This book was long awaited as the students of nutrition in general and nursing students in particular were finding it difficult to prepare the subject. Since there was not a single book available in the market to give them compact and comprehensive approach towards the subject, this book, written especially for the nursing students, encompasses all the aspects of Food Science and Nutrition which were included in their curriculum. This book will not only save time but also energy and money of the students, who had to acquire many books for different references. Seeing the phenomenal growth of the subject, not only in the minds of the people but also in their attitudes, this book besides being a textbook is also a personal guide to people who have not only given priority to their health but also given it the first place in their lives. This book is divided in five units: (i) Introduction, (ii) Foundation of Nutrition, (iii) Nutrition in the Community, (iv) Nutrition in Health Care, (v) Cookery Rules and Preservation of Nutrients. A brief introduction and chapter outline in the beginning of each chapter gives a journey down the topic. Every chapter has illustrations, charts and tables for visual clarification and practical knowledge. Every chapter has study questions at the end so as to help the students to prepare for the examination. The whole book is written in simple English so the students do not face any problem. The abbreviations used are explained at the end of the book. Glossary is also included for the clarity of the topic. Appendices have been included which contain useful information for the students which may come handy in their practice. This book will help in achieving the goals and objectives of every medical, dental, nursing and physiotherapy students.

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