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Prayer: My Soul's Adventure with God: A Spiritual Autobiography by Robert H. Schuller (1995) Hardcover

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    From a 4-year-old Iowa farm boy's first prayer, ''God, make me a preacher when I grow up,'' to the ministry that comes out of the Crystal Cathedral & the ''Hour of Power'' TV show, life has been a prayer-filled adventure for Schuller. Here is a spiritual autobiography & an inspiring look at how prayer can lead you into a vital & fulfilling life. This journey offers an intimate look at: the early days when a young pastor & his wife started a church at a drive-in theater; how faith & prayer built the $17 million Crystal Cathedral; the beginnings of the ''Hour of Power'' program & its growth into a worldwide outreach; the TV evangelist scandals of the 1980s; Schuller's recovery from a life-threatening coma; & God's care & faithfulness through family crises & personal loss.

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