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Petro Chemical Process Technology

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    This book provides a systematic and comprehensive introduction to various aspects of production of petrochemicals. Beginning with an introduction to petrochemical, the book further discusses the raw material scenario with special reference to India. While discussing the profile of Indian petroleum and petrochemicals industries, the book emphasizes on recent advances in the production of basic, raw materials, namely, olefins, aromatics, intermediates and finished products like polymers, elastomers, polyurethane, synthetic fibres and so on. The issues of environmental management, corrosion and selection of material of construction in petrochemical industries have also been dealt with. The book elaborates on physical and chemical properties of important hydrocarbons and lists major petroleum, fertilizer and chemical industries and major research consultancy organizations in these fields. The book has been written in consultation with numerous leading engineers and technologist working in petroleum, petrochemical and R and D centres in related areas.

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