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Nutrition and Diseases Management of Poultry

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    Poultry industry being most organized one has the potential to solve the malnutrition and unemployment problems and augment rural economy. However, in recent years poultry industry has crippled many times due to rising cost of feeds and emergence of new or reemerging of existing diseases causing great mortality and morbidity, and emergence of new or remerging of existing diseases causing great mortality and morbidity, and heavy economic loss. Feeds and feeding is the most mportant and major input in poultry production, and the major means of making production system economical. Hence, a sutiable feeding package, employing diversified tropical feed resources, exactly matcing to the need of the poultry and feeding accordingly is required for exploitation of hte inherent production potential of poultry birds that will also surely reduce the wastage of ffed, stress to the birds and environmental pollution. The increased incidnece of diseases under commercial environment has jeopardized the productivity of poultry. This has become important specially with the establishment of multi-age farms, large holdings, movemnt of live poultry and their products from one area to other and the spread of travel have created a vitiated environment and helped in vast spread of pathogens. Moreover, the commercial poultry environment also provides ample opportunities many times for multiplication of organisms in the farm premises with improper or compromised managemental procedures. This has resulted in frequent emergence of new disease or occurrence of old diseases with increased virulence. Hence, the timely diagnosis and management of dsease problem is must for preventing economic losses. Therefore, an effort has been made to provide applied knowledge on nutrition and mangement of diseases affecting poultry keepers, feed manufactureres, veterinary practitoners, students, teachers, researchers and other officials associated with poultry enerprise.

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