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Nursing Theories A Practical View

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Key Features The objective of this book is that each student is encouraged to learn by reading, performing, seeing and by applying gained knowledge to critical thinking exercises. Written in simple language, it covers the conceptual models of nursing theories and its application in nursing process. There are totally six chapters and each chapter is explained in detail with appropriate examples. The chapters are organised in logical sequence based on practical view. Material is presented in a number of ways, allowing each student to learn in his or her preferred optimum learning style. At the end of each chapter, references are given and the last chapter gives summary of each theory in brief. Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Nursing Theories 2. Models and Theories of Nursing 3. Theories and Nursing Research 4. Application of Theory in Nursing Process 5. Conceptual Models Nightingaleâ s Environment Theory Peplanâ s Theory of Interpersonal Relations Virginia Hendersonâ s Need Theory Faye Glenn Abdellahâ s Theory: Twenty One Nursing Problems Orlandoâ s Nursing Process Theory Johnsonâ s Behavioral System Model Martha Rogersâ Science of Unitary Human Being Dorothea Oremâ s Theory Betty Neumanâ s System Model Royâ s Adaptation Model Leiningerâ s Culture Care Diversity and Universality Theory Jean Watsonâ s philosophy of Nursing Levineâ s Four conservation Principles Parseâ s Theory of Human Becoming Models of Prevention Theories Used in Community Health Nursing Health Education, Behavior Models and Theories Health Belief Model: Explaining Health Behaviours Health Promotion Model 6. Metaparadigms of Theories Index Printed Pages: 272.

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