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Nursing Research and Statistics

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    Most of the researches in nursing are done at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels. Increasing number of clinical nurses with master degree and bachelor degree are beginning to participate in research activities as part of their nursing role. If nursing has to be research-based practice, it is reasonable to expect the nurse in the clinical area to have some awareness of the process and language of research. Nurses should be sensitive to the issues related to protecting the rights of human subjects. They should participate in the identification of significant researchable problem and be a consumer of research findings for which the nursing students are expected to learn research functions early in their career. This book is based on the course and curriculum nursing students have to follow worldwide. It has been designed for nursing students to provide the knowledge and skills they need to become competent in assuming research functions in several ways. It has been written in simple language covering the concepts of research required by the nurses. The author has made earnest attempts to give enough exposure to nursing students for better understanding of the concepts of nursing research. Ideally, the text is followed sequentially, but every effort has been made to respect the differing needs of diverse curriculum and students. Also, every attempt has been made to maintain simplicity and lucidity of language and style throughout the text. So that students can grasp the subjects very clearly and completely.

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