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Measurement Techniques in Industrial Instrumentation

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    This book on Instrumentation contains ten chapters.The chapters on static and dynamic characteristics delve into exhaustive details of varied types of measurands and the responses of the systems therein. The mathematical modelling gives a clear insight of the behaviour of the measuring system under such diverse input conditions and helps in guiding the selection of proper instruments. Chapter five is on Instrument symbols,PFDs & P & IDs.This chapter is not included in the conventional books on Instrumentation. It is a must for process engineers since without a detailed and proper understanding of graphic symbols, functional diagramming techniques, identification codes, function blocks, standard connecting lines etc., an instrument enginner won't be able to design a process plant properly and effectively. Chapters six to ten give an exhaustive and detailed information on the most sought after process parameters in a very comprehensive manner. The techniques of connecting process lines for varied situations have been shown in chapter seven for proper understanding and clarity.

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