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Mathematical Physics

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    Mathematical Physics by Dr B D Gupta is a book essential for undergraduates and post graduates in science and engineering. It examines the mathematical basis underlying in theoretical physics and provides a strong conceptual understanding of physics as a wider discipline to the keen student. Research scholars and scientists will also find a lot to interest and instruct them in this interestingly conceptualized book that brings some fundamental concepts of mathematics and physics together in a novel way.

    Some of the topics covered by the author in this text are vectors, tensors, matrices, group theory, beta, gamma and error functions, complex variables, differential equations, harmonics (with special functions), Fourier´s series, integrals and transforms, Hankel transforms, the Laplace transforms, diffusion, wave and Laplace´s equations, Maxwell's electromagnetic field equations, special theory of relativity, and statistical probability.

    This book also contains a lot of solved and unsolved questions that students can practice on, so as to help them master the topics covered in the chapters with ease. This updated edition of Mathematical Physics has undergone careful revision and has been updated to include the latest discoveries and studies in its field. The fourth edition Mathematical Physics was published by Vikas Publishing House in 2009, and is available in paperback.

    Key Features:

    This is a book that covers the field of mathematical physics in depth and with precision.
    This book is a suitable guide for established scientists and engineers as well as for students pursuing higher education in mathematics, physics, and related fields.

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