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Maintenance of Buildings

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    In A Well-Managed Building, Maintenance Work Should In Fact, Continue Throughout The Year Under An Adequate Preventive Maintenance Policy. ``Prevention Is Better Than Cure`` Is An Axiom Well-Applicable To The Maintenance Of Buildings Also.It Is Not That The Related Information Is Not Available. It Is Scattered Over Many Pamphlets And Books. An Individual; Does Not Have Access To Many Of Books And Libraries. Thus, There Is A Need For A Compilation Of Most Of The Available Information. In This Book, An Attempt Has Been Made To Compile This Information. The Idea Has Been To Present It In A Single Book Form.A Book Of This Nature Has Obviously To Depend Upon Published Books Both Indian And Foreign, Articles And Pamphlets. The Author Has Drawn Freely From All These Sources. But The Book Is Not A Compilation Only. The Information Has Been Digested And Put Up In An Intelligible Form. The Author Has Supplemented The Information With The Experience He Has Gathered Over 34 Years Of Civil And Other Engineering In The Field.

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