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Industrial Economics and Management Principles

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    The book Industrial Economics and Management Principles is sure to prove very useful for the students of Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow, pursuing Master degree in Social Work, Management, Economics and Commerce. Primary aim of preparing this book is to present the subject matter in such a way that a student not only finds it useful in preparing himself for examination, but also he is able to understand fully the science of economics and management. This book is very exhaustive and has been written in a simple way to help the students to secure very good marks. Each and every chapter of the book has been dealt with very critically and conclusions have been drawn quite logically.

    Audience of the Book :
    This book Useful for Management & Commerce students.
    Table of Contents:
    PART 1
    1. Nature and Significance of Economics
    2. Micro and Macro Economics
    3. Concept of Demand
    4. Concept of Supply
    5. Theory of Consumer's Behaviour Utility Analysis
    6. Consumer Surplus
    7. Elasticity of Demand
    8. Indifference Curve Analysis
    9. Nature and Functions of Money
    10. Value of Money
    11. Brief Idea of Functions of Banking System
    12. Inflation and Measures to Control it
    13. Business Fluctuations

    PART 2
    1. Meaning, Nature and Significance of Management
    2. Management Process
    3. Evolution of Management Thought
    4. Factors of Individual (Human) Behaviour
    5. Perception
    6. Learning
    7. Personality
    8. Interpersonal Relationship and Group Behaviour
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