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Fundamentals of Engineering Heat and Mass Transfer

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    First international edition of outstanding textbook
    • Cross disciplinary
    • Contains worked problems throughout and MCQs for greater understanding

    It is a comprehensive and authoritative book in the subject aimed at students of mechanical, chemical, aeronautical, production and metallurgical engineering. The book underlines the objective of the understanding of the physical phenomena involved and the ability to formulate and to solve typical problems. With a view to help in better understanding of the phenomena of mass transfer, an effort has also been made to identify the similarities in both qualitative and quantitative approach between heat and mass transfer.

    The subject matter has been developed from scratch to a sufficiently advanced stage in a logical and coherent manner with neat illustrations and solved examples. Problems and solutions appended to each chapter should further help for better comprehension of the subjects. Properly designed experiments included in the book should further help in the teaching of basic principles.

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