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Fundamentals of Engineering and Electronics

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    Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics” is a useful book for undergraduate students of electrical engineering and electronics as well as B.Sc. Electronics. The book discusses concepts such as Network Analysis, Capacitance, Electromagnetic Induction, Motors Circuits and Diodes in an easy to relate and thereby understand manner.
    Designed in accordance with the syllabi of most major universities, the book is an essential resource for anyone aspiring to learn the fundamentals and teaches students much about the subject itself.
    A book which has seen, foreseen and incorporated changes in the subject for more than 50 years, it continues to be one of the most sought after texts by the students.

    Key Features:

    41 chapters ensure that the topical coverage remains in-depth.
    Presence of more than 1800 Tables, Examples, Figures and Highlights make it easy for students to understand the concepts better.
    More than 1250 questions of different types help the practice quotient of the subject.
    Table of Content :

    Electric Current & Ohm’s Law
    Division of Current
    Network Analysis
    Work, Power & Energy
    Magnetism & Electromagnetism
    Electromagnetic Induction
    Magnetic Hysteresis
    D.C Generators
    Generator Characteristics
    D.C. Motor
    Speed Control of D.C. Motors
    Chemical Effects of Current
    Electrical Instruments and Measurements
    A.C. Fundamentals
    Series A.C. Circuits
    Parallel A.C. Circuits
    Complex Algebra and A.C. Circuits
    Three Phase Circuits
    Three Phase Induction Motor
    Single-Phase Motors
    Synchronous Motor
    Q and A on Electric Machinery
    Semi-Conductor Physics
    Semi-Conductor Diodes
    Optoelectronic Devices
    Bipolar Junction Transistors
    Load Line and Biasing Circuits
    Transistor Equivalent Circuits and Models
    Transistor Amplifiers
    Field Effect Transistors
    Digital Electronics
    Sine Wave Oscillators
    Analog and Digital Communication
    Vacuum Tubes and Gas Valves
    Electron Ballistics

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