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Fasting and Feasting Then and Now

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    Fasting and Feasting is an attempt to trace the origins of these traditional observances as carried out Then and Now. Thus it familiarizes the youth with the concepts associated with some observances and practices which they might have been involved with but against their logical sense. The book is written in simple language and presents a clear classification of fasts, and their mode of observance, the impact that each fast has on health and wellness?physical, physiological, mental, social and spiritual?which has not been seen in any other publication. Further, fasting and prayer are powerful stress relievers, and so are the feasting and sharing of food together after the fast. It thus leads to sense control eliminating anger, hatred, jealousy and so on, to foster tolerance, togetherness, self sacrifice and charitable tendencies, leading to social justice and peace which are especially important in the troubled environs of today. With the focus shifted from food to rituals and prayer, the silence observed during these periods lead to experiences of higher consciousness and oneness, bringing peace and joy that generates love, goodwill, unity and positive vibrations in the environment. What adds to the uniqueness of the publication is the inclusion of recipes that can be prepared on fast days in lieu of normal routine foods. This would not only make fasting fun but also add variety to meals. The book has been thoughtfully illustrated using figures, tables and colour plates and provided with a glossary explaining words used from the sacred texts.

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