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Environmental & Pollution Laws In India Vol. 1 & 2

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    Earth has been over exploited. Water has been contaminated with all conceivable pollutants. Air has been fouled with visible and invisible gaseous substances and suspended particulates. Whosoever is responsible for causing damage to environment must pay the costs of measures taken to remedy the ill effects. Polluter Pays is the term evolved for this purpose. The capacity of the polluter and the damage caused by him can be taken note of. Strategies have been evolved for protecting forest, coastal areas, wild life, bio-diversity, river systems, ground water, wet lands and mountain eco systems. All these topics fall within the protective umbrella provided by Environmental Laws. Environmental Laws affect an increasingly wide range of companies and commercial interests, as well as those responsible for its administration and implementation. Understanding the law is essential if liability and costs are to be avoided and risk minimized.

    This book deals with various aspects of environment. The concept of Sustainable Development, Precautionary Principle and Polluter Pays Principle has become part and parcel of Indian Judicial System. Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution, Sanitation are some of the subjects which affect every common man. The forest cover stands protected through judicial intervention. Similarly, mining activity all over the country stands regulated. All these subjects have been dealt with in various judicial pronouncements.

    As to what are the constitutional rights available to a citizen of India and as to who can come forward to sustain and enforce these rights has been elaborated. As a matter of fact all the topics regarding which concern have been shown in the National Environment Policy have been incorporated. There is need to preserve river systems, there is need to preserve ground water, wet lands and also sea. Radiation threat and the nuclear blast may create a situation where sea life may become extinct. Efforts have been made to deal with all aspects of pollution in this book. The case law as developed in England, America and India stands digested. Some important decisions given by the European Council have also been included at appropriate places of the book.

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