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Electronic Devices and Circuits

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    Electronic Devices and Circuits by J B Gupta explains the concepts of electrical components and circuits. Electronic circuits consist of inductors, diodes, resistors, capacitors and transistors. They are then connected through wires to ensure that electric current flows. Complex operations like computations, data transfer and amplification of signals can be then effectively performed. The book informs readers about the types of circuits, which can be analog, digital or a combination.

    A novice student needs to understand and comprehend the workings of the electronic device. This book, with the aid, of examples, concise definitions, clear methodologies, graphics and maps shows readers how easy this subject is to comprehend. The book starts from the basics, by first showing the connection of electronic instrumentation and physics. It continues by explaining in detail what semi conductor mechanisms and circuits do. Readers learn how the contact of two semi conductors or bipolar junction transistors work. One needs to figure the mechanisms of field effect transistors that carry out the single operation of transmitting electrical charge, from the source to the sap. Various power apparatuses, logic gate, Boolean algebra and the cathode ray oscilloscope are some topics that have been discussed and explained in the book.

    Electronic Devices and Circuits presents a series of questions and answers that serve as key aids to college students too. Evaluation questions, unanswered problems and intentional questions are there to challenge the reader further. Each chapter picks on a specific part of electronic devices and suitably explains it workings and critical concepts. The reprint 2013 edition of this book was published by S K Kataria and Sons, as a paperback in 2013.

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    This book is useful for electrical, computer and instrumentation engineering students.

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