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Electric Circuits and Electronic Devices

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    The book on Electric Circuits and Electron Devices is a composite course work for the fresh students on Electronics and Communication Engineering in the Indian universities. Since this Engineering branch needs a thorough study of the basics of circuitry both passive and active, this introductory subject needs good attention in the classes. The book covers the ground fully with ample illustrations, sample problems and exercises. The material covers the various topics right from fundamentals, such as circuit elements, analysis of circuits both for direct and alternate currents using loop and node analysis, transient analysis, tuned circuits and resonance, networks and theorems relating to these. The subject of electron devices follows with introduction to semiconductor devices, circuits and typical applications and some special devices. Contents: 1. DC Circuit Analysis 2. Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis 3. Network Theorems 4. Transients and Resonance in Circuits 5. Coupled Circuits 6. Semiconductor Devices 7. Transistors and Special Semiconductor Devices Index Printed Pages: 220.

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