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Electric Circuits and Electron Devices

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    Electric Circuits and Electronic Devices provides a balanced presentation of the two key subjects of electric circuits and electronic devices. Written in a lucid manner, the text is supported by illustrations to help students understand each new concept or analysis method as it is introduced. Explanatory captions are included for the images, and each illustration is carefully discussed in the text. Additionally, the text features end-of-section practice problems, and all odd-numbered questions are answered in the back of the book.

    Discussing electric circuits in the first part, Electric Circuits and Electronic Devices begins with simple resistive circuit calculations, moving on to complex ac network analysis techniques and theorems. The second part provides a comprehensive treatment of electronic devices. Beginning with basic semiconductor and pn junction theory, this second part covers transistors and special semiconductor devices. It discusses the operation, characteristics, and parameters of each device, presenting appropriate circuit applications.

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