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Economic Issues & Policy

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    Significantly revised to reflect the sweeping changes in today's economy and government, the 6th edition of Brux's ECONOMIC ISSUES AND POLICY provides your students with a solid, practical understanding of basic economic tools as readers analyze important economic issues and related policy perspectives. This edition presents economic theory within a simple, market-oriented framework at a level of technicality that is deliberately appropriate for a basic first course in economics created for non-majors. Complex topics more appropriate for a Principles of Economics course are excluded or presented within appendices for your flexibility in coverage. The book effectively balances liberal and conservative economic viewpoints while analyzing contemporary economic situations and the implications of emerging policies. Proven global and multicultural features and discussion questions engage readers and encourage students to become involved in the key economic issues being discussed. ECONOMIC ISSUES AND POLICY, 6E provides your students with a meaningful foundation to understand and respond to today's most important economic issues

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