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Applied Thermodynamics

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    This book on "Applied Thermodynamics" has been written for the students preparing the subject for B.E. examinations of various Indian Universities, A.M.I.E. and competitive examinations. The book contains 11 chapters in all, and deals the subject matter exhaustively.

    Audience of the Book :
    For Engineering Students Preparing for B.E./B.Tech.; AMIE-Section B (India); UPSC (Engg. Services) Examinations

    Key Features:
    The main features of the book are as follows:

    The presentation of the subject matter is very systematic and the language of the text is lucid, direct and easy to understand.

    Each chapter of book is saturated with much needed text supported by neat and self-explanatory diagrams to make the subject self-speaking to a great extent.

    A large number of solved examples, questions selected from various universities, U.P.S.C., GATE etc. examination question papers, properly graded, have been added in various chapters to enable the students to attempt different types of questions in the examination without any difficulty.

    At the end of each chapter Highlights, Objective Type Questions, Theoretical Questions and Unsolved Examples have been added to make the book a complete unit in all respects.

    Table of Contents:
    Introduction to Thermodynamics-Definitions and Formulae

    1. Properties of Steam and Steam Generators

    2. Basic Steam Power Cycles

    3. Reciprocating Steam Engine

    4. Compound Steam Engines

    5. Steam Nozzles

    6. Steam Turbines

    7. Steam Condensers

    8. Gas Power Cycles

    9. Internal Combustion Engines

    10. Air Compressors

    11. Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion

    Competitive Examinations Questions-Objective Type

    Miscellaneous Objective Type Questions


    Steam Tables and Mollier Diagram

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