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A Text Book of Physical Chemistry

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About the book: a textbook of physical chemistry the fifth revised edition of this book, which is directed towardsundergraduate science, engineering and pharmacy students of the indianuniversities, is a grossly revised work. Most of the chapters havebeen rewritten keeping in view the changes in the syllabi in the lightof the 10+2+3 system. Thus, chapters on atomic structure, chemicalbonding, photochemistry, physical properties and chemical constitutionhave been rewritten and changes have been made in other chapters also. Both the traditional cgs/esu and the newer si systems of units havebeen used identically. This is so because in spite of wider acceptanceof the si units, the cgs units continue to be used in most chemicalliterature. The book emphasizes fundamental rather than excessive details anddevelops the topics from the first principles.

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