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A Dictionary of Physics (Oxford Paperback Reference) 6th edition by Daintith, John (2010) Paperback

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    Here is a thorough revision of a classic desktop reference, bringing readers 3,900 entries--200 new to this edition--that define the terms of this fast-changing field with clarity and without jargon. Daintith provides coverage of all areas of physics and many related fields, including astronomy, astrophysics, and physical chemistry. He offers expanded information on applied physics, statistical distributions, polymers, and nanoscience, and includes ten feature articles on such key topics as crystal defects, magnetic resonance imaging, and the solar system. Here, too, are detailed appendices on SI units and the electromagnetic spectrum, a timeline of key dates in physics, a list Nobel Prize winners, and much more. And, as with all Oxford subject dictionaries, this one features a companion web page, that is regularly updated, with a wealth of extra information and links to other sites. Featuring more than 120 diagrams, graphs, and tables, this is a superb resource for students, teachers, and professional physicists.

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