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A Course in Electronics and Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation

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    Table of Contents:

    Measurements and Measurement Systems
    Characteristics of Instruments and Measurement Systems
    Errors in Measurement
    Units and Dimensions
    Standards of Measurement
    Electrical Circuit Components(Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors) and Their Residues
    Instruments and Accessories
    Analog-Ammeters and Voltmeters
    Extension of Instrument Range
    Measurement of Power and Wattmeters
    Measurement of Energy and Energy Meters
    Miscellaneous Indicating Instruments
    Measurement of Resistance
    Measurement of Inductance and Capacitance
    Localization of Cable Faults
    Magnetic Measurements
    High Voltage Measurements
    Optoelectronic Measurements
    Electronic Instruments and High Frequency Measurements
    Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
    Signal Generators
    Signal Analyzers
    Instrumentation Amplifiers
    Signal Conditioning
    Electrical Wave Filters
    Number Systems and Codes
    Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra and Logic Families
    Digital Measurement and Instruments
    Display Devices
    Electronic Recording Devices
    Measurement of Non-electrical Quantities
    Data Acquisition System
    Microprocessor-Based Measurements
    Objective Type Questions

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