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Best Online Bookstore in Lagos Nigeria - Bemnybooks


Welcome to Bemnybooks, where almost every book is available at the best price obtainable. We are committed to eliminating the problem of fruitless searches for books by bringing your choice books to your very doorstep at your demand and convenience. 

Our Founder's Story

In search of a textbook for my sister, I toured the city of Lagos; Nigeria’s economic hub. When my sister couldn’t find it in the state she lived, we reasoned that we could find it in Lagos. Bookshop after bookshop, I got the same response: “Sorry, sir. We don’t have your book”. This was the same response other buyers got.

Caught up in the Lagos’ infamous traffic, hungry and frustrated, I pondered on the day’s experience. Why should people have to go this length to get the book they want? In one moment, it all came together: if people can’t get books, how can they read? And if they don’t read, how can they improve themselves and the society?

Best Online Bookstore in Lagos Nigeria - Bemnybooks

How can people get books without having to go through hellish traffic or go on an endless and fruitless search? These are the thoughts that inspired Bemnybooks. Have you ever been in need of a book that’s not on the shelves of the nearest bookstore? Worry no more, Bemnybooks is here for you.

Bemnybooks is a user-friendly platform that makes books accessible to avid readers and scholars. With this platform, you are guaranteed of a steady supply of quality books covering a wide range of genre which includes, inter alia, professional books, motivational books and novels. All you need to do is make use of the Search Menu or explore the different genres on our website for your book title.

In the rare case that your book is not currently listed on our site, we still got you covered. Use the Whatsapp icon or the Book on Demand Contact Form to send us the book title, author and any other relevant information. We will send you a link back to our store along with a 10% discount coupon in the shortest possible time (usually within 6 hours) so that you can complete your purchase.

At Bemnybooks, we do the search; you do the reading!

Should you have any questions, complaints or recommendations, please don't hesitate to reach us using the Contact Us page or Whatsapp icon.


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