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A journey to health and wealth

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    Journey to Wealth: A Practical and Mindful Approach to Growing and Sustaining Financial Well-Being which combines the technical and the mental sides of investing. Are you happy with your finances? Are you frustrated when you think of money? Do you hear the voice inside of you that has the desire to achieve riches? If you keep doing what you are doing now will you live an improved life with more joy and happiness? You are not alone! 95% of people worry and are frustrated about money. Are you ready to take responsibility, and achieve riches using the power within your mind and heart for your future? Bonnie Gortler – the option girl and stock market guru with 31 years of experience – created something special for you to help you on your journey to wealth. Have you heard of the Millionaire Concept? You can make a powerful shift around money. Move from stress to serenity. Experience the comfort and the confidence to achieve the wealth that you desire. Harness the power in your dreams and thoughts; be conscious of risk, and start saving now rather than later. The author, Bonnie Gortler, has used these principles to achieve financial wealth and… she made her mother a millionaire before she died. Based on her over 30 years experience in the stock market, being a portfolio manager accountable for other peoples money, with the right knowledge you are able to achieve your dreams, avoid the violent up and down swings to your money and successfully build your wealth. You now have the ability to control your loss and let your profits run. You, just like everyone, probably made some mistakes, but you can overcome them. Now is the time to uncover your positive money mindset. You can create change, achieve riches and make empowering decisions about money. It was after seeing so many struggle within her years in the stock market that Bonnie Gortler created “Journey to Wealth”

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