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Reflective Teaching 3rd Edition: Evidence-informed Professional Practice

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    <div><font face="Times New Roman" size=3>This unique portable library of 120 exceptional readings: <br/><br/>- provides teachers with easy access to key texts on education <br/>- both classic and contemporary works from international contributors, drawn from books and journals <br/>- showcases important research findings <br/>- provides a comprehensive resource for pre- and in-service training courses. <br/><br/><em>Readings for Reflective Teaching</em> may be read independently, but is also part of an unprecedented support package - specifically designed for busy students, mentors and teachers: <br/><br/><strong>Reflective Teaching</strong>: a best-selling comprehensive textbook for teacher education and development. <br/><br/><strong></strong>: a fully integrated online resource providing regularly updated material, including Guidance on Further Reading, Reflective Activities, a Compendium of Terms and Web Links.</font> </div>>

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