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10 Things That When You Do Will Help You Get Ahead of Others This Year

2021 is here with so much hopes and anticipation for the New Year.

Some have made mind plans and wish lists on how to make this a rewarding and a better year, while others have made written resolutions and goals that would guide them in their various fields and personal lives.

Many people want to get ahead but don’t want to go through the process of actually doing it. While some sit back and can’t help but wonder what people do to become successful?

To succeed, you must do the things that others don’t do and will not do.

The process takes a whole lot of time, building and patience but trust me, it’s actually worth the wait and you’ll definitely enjoy the fruits thereof.

What’s this secret recipe that successful people use every day that have gotten them way ahead of their counterparts?

It’s very simple

It’s called HARDWORK.

Surprised right?

The simple thing about hard work is being consistent and intentional about what you do every day.

It’s taking a leap and a step further without minding the risks and failures.

If you want to get ahead this year, there are no shortcuts or secrets.

What steps have you taken so far?

Here are 10 things that others don’t do. Let’s dive into it.


  1. Get up early: Not enough time on your side? One habit you should adopt this year is getting up earlier than the usual time. It helps you plan ahead, make better decisions and accomplishments for the day without having to do all of that under pressure.
  2. Don’t Neglect the Power of Exercise: This may sound a little cliché but few persons do find it helpful. Having a workout routine and sticking to it this physical activity everyday keeps your body and mind in shape. It’s really a productivity booster.


  1. Have Personal Goals: For you to be successful and be ahead, you should have goals. It’s a trend most professionals follow and help others do the same too. Having goals ensures that you are in control of your life. Instead of wishing, have goals and start doing.
  2. Start Today: So many have lost opportunities that were meant for them because they put off what should be done now for a time convenient for them which they never intend doing anyways because of fear and procrastination. To be successful, you should not put off good intentions and actions for tomorrow.


  1. Learn the Power of Persuasion: To persuade means ‘’to influence one’s opinions and beliefs’’. It’s a powerful tool and a highly recommendable skill. It helps you connect better with successful people, increase sales and improve your self-confidence. I’d recommend you read ’’ The Power of Persuasion’’ by Robert Levine. It’s a life changing book.


  1. Learn From Your Mistakes: Making mistakes are inevitable in the world we live in today. The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is the ability to learn from your past mistakes and push through without allowing the setbacks to hold you back. So, when next you make mistakes learn from them with wisdom and do things correctly this time
  2. Don’t Complain: Complaining simply wastes your time. If things don’t go as planned, instead of whining, why not have a better approach to dealing with it. Trust me, you’ll get better results.
  1. Practice the Art of Listening: Sometimes, you just need to stop all your busy activities for a while and start listening. If you rush through life, you may miss out on the important things you need to do. Also, listen harder with friends and the ones you love so dearly.😊
  1. Have A Hobby: Like the saying, all work and no play makes a dull body and mind. Have a hobby that you can channel your energy into. It also helps you relax and unwind after a stressful day. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it drives and keeps you motivated, then it should be considered.
  2. Don’t Quit: A final word here, Like the old saying, winners never quit they keep going even in the face of difficulty. Too many persons loose short of these and give up on their dreams easily. To be ahead, you should constantly motivate and challenge yourself to keep going even if no one else does.

Cheers to your best life ahead this year!!!🥂🥂

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