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5 Proven Ways to help you Read Smart

Imagine you walk into a bookstore, go through the books on display and a particular book catches your fancy.

You can’t help but pick the book, go through the back page and you are totally in love with it. You pay the cashier and you are off with the quest to read this new book.

At home, you go through some pages of the book and some things don’t sink well as you read it. You can’t help but wonder if you made the right choice in buying the book.

As humans, our ability to gain knowledge is an unending quest, from cradle to adulthood down to the grave, Information is key.

Overtime, we have amassed with so much information both online and offline. Some have proven facts and others, not quite sure. We definitely cannot help but keep sourcing for information that provides solutions to our problems and entertain us.  

Reading helps with good communication skills, improved retention and cognitive skills. It comes with its own solace and you are trapped in your own world with your book

Most or even some readers are poised with the challenges of how to improve their skill set and sharpen their cognitive ability by what and how to read.

In this article, you’ll be shown how to read smart and also sharpen your skill set

Let’s dive into it!!!

  1. Read with a purpose: When you pick a book, three things should come to your mind when you are about reading it.
    • What do I learn from reading this book?
    • How will it affect and improve my mental, Psychological and Emotional state?
    • How do I apply what I’ve read so far?
Setting a purpose for reading keeps you focused and engaged while reading, it also helps to motivate you so you wouldn’t jump the reading processes so quickly.
Next time you grab a book to read, always have a defined purpose in mind.
  1. Skim First: Skimming helps you with strategic and selective reading which focuses on the main ideas of the text rather than elaborate details such as data and stories.Instead of reading the word in details, pay attention to the introduction, summaries, paragraphs and even the back pages of the book.Sometimes, you may not have time to do everything. With skimming, you’ll be able to cover a huge amount of time whilst reading the material more quickly and save time for other things.If you ever have challenges next time you want to read a text, consider skimming.
  1. Make Highlights: Why do readers highlight whilst reading? Usually, highlighting is done to focus on important texts for later study. When you highlight while you read, it’s like you are engaging and also getting pinpoints for further purposes.
    • Another important concept to note while highlighting is to use a particular colour code for definitions and examples, others for key points. You should develop your own personal system of highlighting and do it consistently.
  1. Think in Pictures: Another better way to comprehend whilst reading is to capture the stories and visualize you in it while reading. These ‘mind movies’ help clarify information, increase understanding and can be done with either a fiction or a nonfiction text. It also includes any of the five senses most times, these comes naturally when you are engrossed in reading.

Follow through these simple steps below to be a smart reader;

    • Have a Mental picture
    • Visualize yourself as part of the story
    • Share the images you’ve created in your mind and ponder over it.

Try this practice and you wouldn’t have any difficulty in finishing a book 😀

  1. Make Reading fun to you at all times: Another way to read smart is to make reading fun to you. It shouldn’t be something you are forced to do, but see it as a necessity for your personal development.

Some fun things to include in your reading schedule are;

    • Join a book club
    • Read in Series
    • Have a scheduled reading time daily
    • Listen to Audio books
    • Make Connections between Reading and Life.

When next you intend reading a text, why not incorporate fun into it and you’ll definitely enjoy the benefits afterwards.

Conclusively, some were born with the natural talent to read, others struggle with it.  Whatever category you fall into, you can always be better and do better in it.

I hope this article was helpful to reigniting your passion to read.

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